Our house

Our house is charming and poetical.


« La maison des vignes » is an a typical place. It is made of two former buildings that have been joined.
You will find inside, the façade of origin of one of these two houses with stone stairs that lead you to our three rooms.

It is situated in a calm street of the old part of Bordeaux in the core of St Michel neighborhood, two minutes away from the hyper town centre.


Every room of « la maison des vignes » is named after one of the great varieties of grapes of Bordeaux wines.

« Le Petit Verdot » is one of the traditional grapes of the Médoc wines. It is less famous than Merlot of Cabernet-Sauvignon, meanwhile, it provides strength and aromas of violet.
This room called Petit Verdot is like this variety of grapes, discreet but warm.

« Le Semilion » is one of the greatest white varieties of grapes of the Bordeaux wine area. It is the main grape in Sautemes wines and therefore reveals heavy aromas and much delight.
This room called Sémillonis certainly the most romantic where delight spreads in this place.

« La Muscadelle » is certainly the most delicate of Bordeaux white wines with its flower aromas and acacia fragrances that are unique.
We have chosen this name for our nicest suite.
The room Muscadelle welcomes you in a refined decor. You will appreciate its boudoir but also the living room and its terrace outside over the roofs of Bordeaux where aromatic plants will awaken your senses.